Why settle for an ordinary birthday party when your child can have a SCIENCE birthday party? Birthday Parties by Storefront Science are fun, unique and inspiring.

Our off-site parties – YES, WE COME TO YOU! – include:

45 minute StoSci instructer led activity/demonstration at your location
Storefront Science Tote bag with science-themed party favors for up to 15 children
Topics for off-site to be determined by Dr. A with your input! COST: $500

3-4 year olds

Specimen Scavenger Hunt

Meet and examine our collection of plants, animals and rocks (and possibly some of our living things) and group them based on different characteristics.

5-7 year olds

Building Big

Learn about structures by building and testing paper structures.

Marble Racers

Explore physics by creating and building marble race tracks (or marble roller coasters!) !

8 and up

All About Atoms

Using samples and the periodic table, we will explore the structure of the atom, play “atomic poker” and build model atoms out of clay.


Get a motor, a battery and a marker and see if you can build a robot that scribbles!